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3 Piece Yoni Eggs Set

3 Piece Yoni Eggs Set

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Discover a sacred practice that has been passed down through generations – the use of Yoni Eggs. These beautiful crystal gemstones, carefully crafted and handpicked, offer a multitude of holistic benefits for women.

Featuring variations of Jasper and Rose Quartz. Enhance your wellness and pleasure with the natural energies of these crystals.

Yoni Eggs, also known as Jade Eggs or Love Eggs, have been used for centuries to enhance feminine energy and promote overall well-being. When used regularly with intention, they can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, increase sensitivity, and boost sexual vitality.

Embrace the empowering energy of Yoni Eggs as you cultivate self-love and connect with your sacred feminine essence. These precious gems have been known to aid in healing trauma, releasing emotional blockages, and promoting emotional balance.

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