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Ignite Your Inner Light

Introducing the visionary behind Meirasol Crystals, Ashley Porrovecchio, an energy healer and aesthetician with over 13 years of experience in guiding individuals towards holistic well-being. Ashley's journey started over a decade ago, where she began assisting clients with crystals, meditation, and promoting self-care practices, achieving remarkable success in nurturing their personal growth. In today's world, Ashley finds joy in empowering others to evolve by on the selection of crystals that best resonate with their mind, body, and spirit. Understanding the profound significance of choosing a crystal, Ashley emphasizes the importance of intention setting in this deeply personal process. At Meirasol, Ashley is committed to providing guidance and support on the transformative journey towards inner radiance and empowerment. With a carefully curated collection of hand-crafted crystal jewelry, Meirasol serves as a beacon of light, offering tools to enhance healing and elevate consciousness.

Give Light to our Souls

Meira means giving light and “Sol” means the sun. Together, it resembles encouraging others to give light to our souls. Within our curated collection of crystal bracelets, each crafted piece addresses physical, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle needs-resonating with a unique vibration to amplify the healing process. As these crystals merge with our luminous beings, a potent synergy emerges, empowering us to become beacons of strength and vitality!

Take Stress & Apply it to the Crystals

At our core, we are electrical superhumans—channels of divine energy and light. With the aid of the right tools, meditation, and guidance, we can unlock our fullest potential and embrace the infinite possibilities of our evolution. This marks just the beginning of our Sol Crystal journey, and Ashley eagerly anticipates embarking on this radiant odyssey with you. Together, let us illuminate the world with the transformative power of crystals and the boundless light within each of us.