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This page will help you find the properties for each of the stones we use for our jewelry. Find the stone you are interested in below to learn the primary attributes, physical effects, emotional/spiritual energies, chakra, and astrological association.

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- A -

Soothing and calming in general and also a great stone for tension and anger.

Physical: good for sight, memory, concentration, mental health, insomnia and said to induce pleasant dreams.

Emotional/Spiritual: Harmonizing energy which promotes healthy relationships, balances sexual energy and emotional security.

Chakra: All Chakras- see different agates

Astrological Association: Gemini


Enhances the energy of other crystals, good for overall protection and physical, emotional, and mental balance.

Physical: heals the causes of dis-ease. Great for the immune system and nervous system.

Emotional/Spiritual: helps with OCD and anger and violent tendencies. Calms passion, nerves, sensitivities, emotion energy and grief.

Chakra: Crown

Astrological Associations: Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


- C -

A feel better stone. It helps with vitality, self-esteem, compassion, strength, good luck, motivation, endurance, creativity.

Physical: great for enhancing sexual energy, matters with fertility, and also good for digestion

Emotional/Spiritual: helps with anger, envy, fear, rage, sorrow, confusion, and jealousy. Helps prevent dis-ease in the body.

Chakra: Sacral

Astrological Association: Leo and Cancer

- J -

This is a longevity stone. Aids in problem-solving and helps proneness to accidents. Helps reaching dreams and goals.

Physical: good for the hair, skin, bones, and the immune system. Helps acne, fertility, PMS, and other infections.

Emotional/Spiritual: balances emotions, confidence, grounding, dispels negative energy.

Chakra: Heart

Astrological Association: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra


A relaxation and calmness stone with those with very busy lifestyles. It will clear your mind of stresses and revitalize you. Also aids in achieving goals.

Physical: helps prevent illness. Good for the nerves, bladder, stomach, liver, and sense of smell.

Emotional/Spiritual: great for keeping spirits up and helps with loneliness. Good for yin/Yang balance.

Chakra: All Chakras

Astrological Association: Libra

- L -
Lapis Lazuli

Is a Lucky stone it will help manifest all your dreams and ambitions. Also means lucky in love, it will give you confidence and courage. Helps making new friends, mental endurance, vitality, and wisdom.

Physical: Helps the immune System, thyroid, throat, vertigo, dizziness, hearing loss, backache. This crystal is also said to help with broken bones and fractures

Emotional/Spiritual: good for a relaxation, relationships, balance, psychic abilities and helps depression.

Chakras: Brow

Astrological Association: Sagittarius

- M -

A connection to feminine power moon stone has a notable affect on women’s bodies. Balancing and stabilizing their hormonal system. Good For intuition, insight, creativity, and protection.

Physical: good for skin, hair, eyes, and fertility. Helps women in all female qualities, hormones, and sexuality. Regulates menstrual cycle and eases symptoms with PMS.

Emotional/Spiritual: releases energy blocks, all emotions in general, brings calm, caring, combats bad cycles or repeated patterns.

Chakra: Sacral

Astrological Association: Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio

- O -

Good for protection, creativity, Male quantities, and intuition.

Physical: good for digestion.

Emotional/spiritual: grounding. Helps with blockages.

Chakra: Root

Astrological Association: Sagittarius


Good for decision making. Brings luck and happiness.

Physical: good for bones.

Emotional/spiritual: self-control. Helps you take charge of situation. Good for yin /yang balance, helps connecting to your roots.

Chakra: Root

Astrological Association: Leo

- Q -

A master healer and a feel better stone it improve your quality of life, makes you feel happier and re-energize you in all situations. It’s channels Any energy, so helps any condition.

Physical: helps hearing and balance, heart health, obesity, pain or spinal health.

Emotional/Spiritual: focuses the mind, aids meditation and all relieves negativity.

Chakra: All

Astrological Association: All

(Rose) Quartz

Good for love and friendships. Creativity and imagination.

Physical: good for youthful appearance, complexion and fertility.

Emotional/Spiritual: a calming stone, love, romance and relationships. Enhances female energy’s and helps restore balance with emotion.

Chakra: Heart

Astrological Association: Taurus and Libra

- S -

Good for sex drive, menstrual cycle, longevity, elasticity of the skin and youthful appearance.

Physical: Helps with loss of fertility, hair loss, free radicals. Helps with wrinkles and skin sensitivity.

Emotional/Spiritual: helps abuse and to dispel any negativity. A high vibration stone.

Charka: Crown

Astrological Association: Taurus

- T -
Tiger Eye

Feel better and go for it stone. Good for intuition, courage, new beginnings. Brings wealth and yin/Yang balance and right/left brain balance.

Physical: good for vision and the entire digestive system.

Emotional/Spiritual: good for balance, calm and grounding. Helps fear, worry, depression, turmoil, negativity and introversion. Good for people who have the tendency to be deliberately obstructive.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Astrological Association: Capricorn


Good for inspiration, connection, awareness, creativity, new challenges, laughter therapy and negotiation skills. Enhances healing ability and offers protection on all levels.

Physical: good for mental health and healing. The digestion and the health of the bladder and lymphatic system.

Emotional/Spiritual: good for self-confidence, balance, and removing blockages. Helps fear, obstructiveness, victim mentality, negativity, breakdown, and worrying too much about what others think. Relieves a restless or troubled mind. Good for the inner self Yin/Yang balance, the aura, abilities, and left/right brain activity.

Chakra: All

Astrological Association: Libra

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